Inclusivity and outreach

ASB Outreach Event
Wednesday August 8, 2018 8:30 am – noon
Do you wonder how to engage kids in biomechanics in your local community?  Have you ever been interested in community outreach work?  If you have, then the ASB Outreach Event is for you! We will be working in teams with kids from a local community organization to use sports biomechanics and simple data collection to talk with them about research, the scientific method, and all of the amazing things we do using math and science.  Please plan to start your ASB meeting off right by joining us for the outreach event in Rochester!

Women in Science Event
Thursday August 9, 2018 5 – 7 pm
Please join us for an engaging Women in Science Cocktail where we will explore the practice of negotiation in both industry and academics. What should you expect during the negotiation process and how to be successful. This event will involve small group discussion on negotiation and will conclude with a question and answer session with ASB leaders.
Diversity Breakfast
Saturday August 11, 2018 8 – 9 am
We hope that everyone will plan to attend the Diversity Breakfast this year.  We will hear from a panel of industry and academic leaders on avenues for success.  This will include a discussion on how to determine the right path for you, finding a diverse and supportive environment, advocating for change in your environment, building and maintaining a mentorship network, and creative ways of finding grant funding.  We hope you will come with questions for the panel about how best to find a diverse and supportive environment in which you can be successful.